Request for Funding of Travel from the Undergraduate Research Program

{The committee will accept proposals at any time. However, to ensure your request receives full consideration, please submit your request one month prior to the date of the conference, as requested in the faculty manual.}

Conference Information

Conference Title:
Conference Location:
Conference Dates:
Conference Attendee(s):

Detailed Budget

{Please provide a detailed itemized budget of your travel request in this section or include it as an attachment. Include request for airfare, rental car, lodging, registration, and any other expenses. While items may be listed per person or per day, make sure your total budget is for all people attending for all days of travel.}

Summary of Presentation

{Include the following information for each paper presented either in this section or as an attachment. If you will not be making a presentation, please describe why you are attending the conference.}

Title of Paper:
Date of Paper Presentation:
Person Presenting Paper:
Summary of Research (One Paragraph):